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New Patients


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Is Chiropractic care right for me?

Well, that’s what we have to work out and your first visit is the time to do that. Chiropractic care is the third largest healing profession. What we do has roots that go back to ancient Greek and Roman times.

These days the process involves us carefully listening to your concerns and the story about them. We’ll ask questions to prompt your thinking and giving of information.

Then we do a full examination of your problem area. This is to gain an understanding about you which we then compare to what we know chiropractic care can achieve.

Next, we report back to you all those findings. If we determine chiropractic care is a good fit for you we’ll discuss what a treatment plan might look like.

If you’d like to explore your health options with us we have listening ears and caring hands so call 8288 1314 to make a booking.

What does a chiropractor do?

As a Doctor of Chiropractic I’m primarily interested in the mechanics of the human skeleton. In practical terms this means assessing the motion of any of the joints in your body. A lot of people come with spinal issues but I have experience with all other skeletal joints.  Information contained elsewhere on this page describes the therapy given at this clinic goes well beyond just the skeletal system.

What happens on the first visit?

At the Healthmont clinic we warmly welcome new patients. No referral from any other practitioner is necessary. All new patients are booked in for extra time (30 to 40 minutes) and that’s because we need to find out what is going on with your problem/s.

Initially, we carefully listen to your concerns and the story about them. We’ll ask questions to prompt your thinking and giving of information.

After we hear what your mouth has to say we want to find out what information your body has to divulge. This is done through a thorough physical examination which may include;

Postural assessment, gait analysis, Neurological testing, Orthopaedic testing, checking of reflexes and myotomes, assessing joint ranges of motion and determining muscular tone levels

If you have X-rays bring them with you. If we need more information you’ll be referred for further views.

After this, we take the time to explain to you our findings and how they relate to your concerns. If we determine chiropractic care is a good fit for you we’ll discuss what a treatment plan might look like.

If you’d like to explore your health options with us we have listening ears and caring hands so call 8288 1314 to make a booking.

What techniques are used?

Before every treatment an assessment is made as to the appropriateness of any technique that is applied. Safety is the utmost priority.

Therapy at Healthmont Clinic is directed at different body structures so the techniques are varied.

Techniques employed for the skeletal system will vary from passive stretching techniques to joint adjusting via the Activator device to manual adjusting techniques. For more detail see page “Our techniques

Techniques to influence the muscular system include: stretching, massage, trigger point therapy, vibrational massage or cross friction massage. For health problems heavily weighted in the muscular system referral to a Myotherapist or Massage therapist may be discussed.

Do babies and children need a chiropractor?


Over the thirty-two years in practice Paul has seen new patients that range in age between one day old to ninety years old. So babies and children fit within that range. Their need for care depends on what their bodies can tell us from an assessment; we use this because when they are very young they can’t tell us with words. A trained eye and an experienced practitioner can reveal to parents some things that are not obvious until they are identified.

As children grow and learn to walk and jump and play sport and do dance, etc. they often get an upset to their biomechanics. Some of these will self-resolve but the ones that don’t need to be assessed and possibly treated. Our clinic slogan is; STRAIGHT STRONG GROWTH, what parent wouldn’t want that for their children?

How long do I have to come?

This is a very commonly asked question but is extremely difficult to give a succinct answer. The pathway into health issues is sometimes very quick, like falling off the monkey bars, but more often is a process over a much longer timeframe. Such onset times will probably vary the length of treatment.

Often there are many factors that go before everyone who develops a health issue. For instance, underlying health status will influence recovery. E.g. a person who has just finished chemotherapy and has a whiplash injury will probably take longer to get better. Another instance is the degree of harmoniousness or stressfulness of our environments, such as work, school, university or home, will vastly impact our road to recovery.

The body often gives symptoms as warning lights during the decline into a health problem however the good news is the body also gives signs during the progression out of it.

So if your case does need an extended period of chiropractic care you’ll never be put on a long program without constant reviews to monitor your progress back towards optimal health. 

Health Insurance & 3rd Party payers
Private Health Insurance:

A HiCaps terminal is located at our Clinic so if you have the appropriate ‘Extras cover’ with a Private Health Insurance Fund you will be able to lodge your claim via this facility. In practical terms this means you only pay the rebate shortfall (called the Gap) on the day of the consultation.

There are over fifty providers who are a part of the HiCaps network so please check with your Health Fund to see if they are HiCaps associated.

Department of Veteran Affairs, Workcover and Transport Accident Commission:

We are registered with all these departments. Provided all criteria are met we can take on these cases.

Medicare Plan:

By liaising with your General Practitioner we may be able to work with Medicare’s Chronic Disease Management Plan (CDM), formerly known as the Enhanced Primary Care Program (EPC).

Where can I park my car?

Our location offers multiple car parking options. These include on-site parking entering from Canterbury Road or Allens Road or off-site across the street in Allens Road or at the Heathmont village shopping strip. Please be aware of time restriction here.


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