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Clinical Nutrition

Our bodies operate within an incredibly complex environment of elaborate chemistry. All circulating at the same time are vitamins, minerals, proteins, fats, carbohydrates, neurotransmitters and then there are those hormones of some 50 different types, some endocrine and some reproductive.

When everything is working as it should we are mostly at the top of our game. However when disharmony strikes it can produce quite a different situation.

Clinical Nutrition leans on a variety of assessment techniques to gain insight into any disharmony. Steps are then taken to ensure you get the specific intervention that your body may require.

What conditions do we work with?

The answer is simple – pretty much any! Nutrition helps to fuel and feed balance and harmony in the body. Eating smart for your body and health looks different for everyone so reach out to get a personalised view on your nutritional needs.

Though we can help with any age, stage or health state, we specialise in gut health, food intolerances and allergies, IBS, IBD, skin health, immune health, hormonal balancing and preconception care. You can find more information on our Special Interests Page or reach out to Annabel at

The tools we use could involve the following;

  • Full health assessment and dietary history
  • Considering the multifactorial circumstances that could have lead you to your current health. Addressing the root cause to create sustainable, efficient health improvement.
  • Dietary Analysis – look into the data of your diet. Macro and micronutrient consumption and macronutrient balancing.
  • Functional Pathology testing
  • Aims to investigate the status of functional, biochemical, nutritional, metabolic and hormonal processes through the use of evidence-base testing.
  • This allows for early intervention, management and monitoring on ongoing treatment efficiency.
  • Examples of Functional Pathology Testing
    • Stress and adrenal hormones
    • Female and male hormones
    • Thyroid Profile – Comprehensive
    • Stool analysis and digestive health
    • Parasite screening
    • Neuroendocrine Profile – For mood disorders, anxiety, depression, sleep issues, genetic
    • Smart DNA Testing- DNA profile and GUT DNA profile
    • SIBO breath testing
    • Auto-immune Screening
    • Coeliac pathology screening: Gene and Antibodies
    • Hair mineral analysis
    • Heavy metal screening
    • MTHFR gene testing


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