Our Techniques

Technique synopsis.

 Activator adjusting device

This is a chiropractic hand held device that delivers a controlled and measurable thrust. It is applied
to articulations that have been determined to have faulty biomechanics. The thrust delivered by the
device is extremely rapid and the acceleration transmitted into the joint is the physical property that
seeks to rectify biomechanical harmony.



Mechanical blocking

A pair of padded wedges are positioned under specific points of the patient’s pelvis when lying
down, either face up or down. This is a slow and stretching technique as gravity is used to introduce
into the pelvic and/or low back articulations a gradual force in the particular direction that seeks to
de-rotate the pelvic distortion.

Manual adjusting

This technique is applied by the hands of the practitioner. The particular joint that has been
determined to be faulty is put under tension and a sudden movement of the hands imparts a force.
This physical property applied to the joint frees the bones and seeks to achieve a closer to normal
motion within the articulation.

Soft tissue techniques

A number of therapies can be applied to achieve a change in abnormal soft tissue. These include;
Massage via electric device or by hand.
Pressure point therapy.
Trigger point therapy, and
Cross friction massage.


Having been in practice for almost 30 years we have built and have access to a network of excellent
practitioners of different disciplines. These include; naturopaths, paediatric chiropractors, other
speciality chiropractors, myotherapists, massage therapists, osteopaths, Pilates instructor and

As the ultimate good of the patient is the most important factor in this clinic it is quite common for a
referral to be made to one of these other practitioners.



The T-bar is manufactured for anyone who works with the soft tissues of the body. Such structures include; muscle bellies, muscular nodules, trigger points, ligament induration, and tenoperostial attachments.

For Practitioners:  To order a set of T-Bars contact the clinic on 8288 1314 or This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.



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