Car Parking

Car parking:

There is plenty of parking either at the clinic or in the surrounding area of Heathmont.

  Option 1.
  The first option is directly off Canterbury Rd at the clinic where there are 3 car
  spaces. If you are travelling toward the city it is on the left hand side of the road, just before coming
  to Allens Road and the shopping area. If you are coming from the city direction and want to use this
  car park you will need to go past the clinic, up to the traffic lights, and do a u-turn.





Option 2.
The second option can be found behind the clinic down Allens Road where you will
find 2 car spaces. If you are coming from the city direction you can turn right into Allens Road. It is
the first drive way on the left. Please note: there are some steps to access the clinic from this car

 Option 3.
 The third option is on Allens Road just opposite the clinic.      Here there are 4 parallel parking car spaces, with no time limit.





Option 4.
The fourth option is to park outside the shops in the Heathmont Village. The shops
located at the top of the hill are the closest to the clinic. The closest shop to us is Barry Plant.  

A short walk across Allens Road brings you to the clinic. These car parks have time limits that vary between 30 minutes to 2 hours.  Please note there is no right hand turn from Allens Road into this carpark.

Address  108 Canterbury Rd
  Heathmont, Victoria
Phone  (03) 8288 1314

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